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2 min readNov 14, 2021


Hi I’m gay Australian dude and I never have had 2 reveal that that I’m a gay man. I have always lived my life as me Simon .

I know that a lot of people can’t live that why because of a lot of circumstances that society put on us.

If you meet someone the first thing should not be what sexuality you are it should be are they a decent human. The problem is sexuality is put above most things .

In my view I don’t think sexuality should be bought into general societies conversation.

I feel that we are all different and have different levels of what we find comfortable. For example I my read or look at things you may not and find offence that is fine personal choice.

As long as it’s legal and consenting.
I may be alternative outlandish obvious 2 some people . I’m being true to myself and not having 2 put up with being judged as people judge you on the First 10 seconds of meeting you.that isn’t enough time 2 gauge somebody I know it is human nature.We all have to give each other a break on sexuality values religion and ethnicity as life with out the views put forward first would change a lot .

Would make life for people easier not having 2 explain who there in there bedroom with it’s your business and should be that why unless you are willing to share that part of your life that’s your choice. Society has and issue or hang up with sex and taboo subjects so they like to label or box everything it makes it easier 4 people 2 deal with as it can be labelled or boxed which society Iike’s it like that as people conform.
Growing up I always new I’m was different in the way I’m attracted 2 other humans. It’s never been an issue for me I’m not sure why it could be people’s assumptions off the bat or I haven’t had 2 deal with full homophobic hatred.

MY view is take everyone for who they are and if you get along then you have done your part connecting with the human race not their sexuality . If after meeting someone and there’s a spark then sexuality can be part of your conversation and getting to know each other. Apart from that sexuality should not being bought up in general. I wouldn’t ask someone oh you must be straight. That’s their business to tell me if they feel constable in talking about that it would be after getting to know them and feel comfortable in talking about lifestyles.



Raven Mate

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